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Make You Believe

Short / Drama / For sale / 7pp

A loud-mouthed professional skeptic is shaken after a psychic channels his late grandmother who gives him a warning, which he doesn’t heed, much to his detriment.

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Back in the River

Short / Crime, Drama, Thriller / For sale / 7pp

A local sheriff stumbles upon a frantic teenage girl crawling out of a river. She was nearly murdered but when he finds out who the perpetrator is, he must complete the job of drowning her.

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Short / Drama, Horror / For sale / 11pp

Mysteriously, school attendance drops drastically day by day. When a cruel and unpopular teacher gets trapped in the main building during lunch one day, she realizes that nothing is as it seems. There’s no escape.

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A Drunkard’s Wife

Short / Drama, Horror / For sale / 10pp

An abused woman flees the house and meets a kindly nun who takes her in. A priest later offers to speak to her husband but is confronted with the awful truth.

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Postcards From Sheridan

Short / Comedy, Drama, Horror / For sale / 18pp

Two bored pals staying in an inherited mansion decide to invite a former third wheel “friend”, to pick on him for laughs, but they’re in for a rude awakening.

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Pirahna Tank

Short / Comedy / Available for Free / 5pp

A contestant on a reality contest show presents an extreme method of avoiding rape or kidnapping.

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Cold Reading

Short / Comedy / Available for Free / 7pp

An overly enthusiastic man in the waiting audience of a mediumship show pretends to be the much anticipated medium, wowing the gullible audience.

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A Surprise For The Missus

Short / Comedy, Drama / In development / 3pp

A brunette housewife finds a blonde hair on her husband’s dress shirt while doing his laundry, setting her on a war path. But she’s in for an even bigger surprise!

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Rookie Mistake

Short / Comedy, Thriller / In development / 2pp

A seasoned cop is partnered with a rookie. It’s his first night out. What could possibly go wrong?

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Short / Comedy, Crime, Drama / For sale / 15pp

A faceless, self-proclaimed Youtube prophet unwittingly causes a mass murder.

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