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Pretty Ugly

Feature / Crime, Drama, Thriller / For sale / 82pp

A struggling, plain Jane actress goes on an acid attack spree targeting beautiful starlets, but she fears for her own safety when she upgrades her looks… and a copycat picks up where she left off.

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Knees & Toes

Feature / Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Horror, Thriller / For sale / 101pp

An awkward taxidermist seeks revenge on her former bully. Body parts start turning up all around Memphis and a detective with her own tormented past seeks to connect the dots.

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Killer Without Cause

Feature / Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller / For sale / 93pp

While visiting his mother and dying brother in NYC, a writer kills a stranger, completely unprovoked. He thinks he can get away with this senseless crime but there was a witness lurking in the shadows!

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